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Pontoons by Rotoplius

We offer 3 distinct product series, each tailored for specific purpose. Every pontoon is suitable for leisure, work, industrial, fishing, water transportation applications. Pontoons differs in size and parameters, giving options to choose the best product for intended purpose.

Pontoon series


ABC series B type pontoon, medium in size placed on a table showcasing it

ABC series pontoons with main B type floats of volume 445l each are best suited for moderate weight houseboats, pleasure crafts, work platforms, small ferries, water taxis, dredgers, floating docks for yachts as well as other floating structures.


HB series HB-MID type pontoon, big in size, placed next to the B type pontoon for size comparison

HB series pontoons are 90% bigger in volume and can bear 40% greater load per 1 meter of pontoon row than ABC series floats. 860l volume allows building hefty mobile structures on water. Pontoons are well suited for big houseboats, platforms for moving heavy equipment, ferries.


HF series HF-MID type pontoon, laying flat on the table in a position as it would be used for low freeboard jetty

HF series – low freeboard 255l floats are designed for floating docks, fishing, and swimming platforms. HF series can be used in vertical position, with integrated metal framing allowing to build structures with considerable point loads or industrial marine culture harvesting equipment.

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