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A bit more about us

UAB Rotoplius factory building

Sveiki! Hi!


​We are a company UAB Rotoplius


We had begun our business activities under the current name in early 2016, however the company's roots stretch way back. It all started more than a decade ago, with an idea to build a house on a water. Not a small cabin, but a houseboat with an engine for mobility, fully liveable. No other similar creations of such existed in the market at the time so naturally we offered such houseboats for sale. In time we specialized more and more into the hull parts of the vessels, which is our main focus today.

Manufacturing of structural elements and pontoon floats

Today the main activity of UAB Rotoplius is manufacturing of pontoon floats. We offer products specially designed for different variety of applications, including the structural elements of the project, starting with marinas, work platforms, dredgers, to pleasure crafts and other floating structures. We constantly strive to better our pontoons and technical solutions, to meet the constantly increasing customer expectations.

Technical design

We haven't abandoned previous endeavours - marine design practice. We offer design and building capability for your projects using our technical solutions and pontoons. Alternatively fully prepared part kits are available for your DIY projects. In case of specific project out of our scope, we are able to recommend and introduce you to one of our partners who would be able to tackle your demands.

Plastic production

As our products are made using in-house, with the rotomoulding machinery, we also offer contract plastic moulding service for your product. Cooperation with plastic part designers and mould makers, allows us to offer you services from the napkin design stage to the many parts manufactured at our facility.

Additionally, rotomoulding machinery allows for the possibility to rotoline hollow metal (or other material) bodies, in order to increase the corrosion resistance of the vessel in question.

EPS foaming

Since 2018, we have acquired polystyrene foaming technology.  Plastic pontoons or almost any other hollow body, metal or plastic, could potentially be foamed, giving it thermal insulation, sound isolation properties, and most importantly for pontoons, property of advanced unsinkability. 

Lets get in touch

In case you have any questions about our products or services, we encourage you to contact us for any clarification. We are available every working day during the working hours in Lithuania.

We wish you a great day!

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