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UAB Rotoplius

Manufacturer of pontoons and structural

elements for your project afloat.


Our products

Pontoons with EPS foam

Polyethylene pontoon floats with closed cell EPS foam core mady by Rotoplius.

Our modular EPS foamed pontoon floats are suited for building, houseboats, workboats, ferries, and many other structures.

Pontoon platforms

Boat hull made using plastic pontoons and welded construction aluminium frames.

We manufacture fully assembled plastic pontoon hulls with aluminium framing, made to be transported with standard eurotent truck.

Floating dock blueprints

Floating dock blueprint sample made by Rotoplius..

To give better accessibility to water leisure activities for everyone, we give DIY blueprints for our standard pontoon floating docks free of charge.

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Services we provide


Marine design

For projects using our pontoon floats, we can provide design service and in some cases help with registration of the finished product.

Contract rotomoulding

We are able to provide contract rotomoulding services for products of other companies. For more details please contact us directly.


Rotomoulding technology we use for our products, allows us to provide service for coating internal metal surfaces with anti-corrosion linings.

Important information


Martynas [LT, EN] +37064153741

Edgaras [LT, RU] +37069813161

Price inquiries and orders:


General e-mail:

Other communication channels:

Viber, Whatsapp +37064153741

Registration address:

25 Pasto st. Jakai vlg. LT-96323 Klaipeda count. Lithuania.

Factory and warehouse address:

18 Pylos st. Maciuiciai vlg. LT-96159 Klaipeda count. Lithuania.

Working hours:

9:00 - 17:00 (GMT/UTC +2) on work days

Other information

Company code: 304142740

VAT code: LT100009845316


55.701670, 21.411751

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