UAB "Rotoplius“

Supplier of polystyrene foamed pontoons and structural

elements for your project afloat

Pontoons with EPS

Our modular EPS foamed pontoon floats are suited for building, docks, houseboats, and many other structures.


We provide fully assembled or disassemblable, ready for shipping, pontoon platforms as well as DIY kits.

Floating docks

We design and manufacture floating docks for your mooring, tourism industry or pleasure needs.

Builds using our pontoon floats

Our pontoon floats systems provides a possibility to build many different configurations of floating docks, houseboats, ferries and other floating structures, with desirable properties. Builds due to the nature of pontoon float modularity comes out highly segmented, which gives increased buoyancy characteristics. For cases where even more reliable buoyancy is needed, we are able to provide the pontoons filled with EPS foam. For more pictures of the projects done or in progress - check our gallery pushing a button with a link below.

Shortly about us

„UAB Rotoplius" is a company located in Klaipeda region near Gargzdai city in Lithuania. Main activity is manufacturing of EPS filled floats and components for floating structures.


We provide contract rotomoulding, EPS foaming, rotolining with anti-corosive lining services, as well as marine design for projects employing our pontoon floats services.