Services we provide

Marine design built with products we supply

  • We do provide design service for pleasure crafts, marinas or other floating structures. 
  • Additionally, we are able to advise on the overall registration process of your vessel.
  • Having a wide range of partnerships with companies in marine industry allows us to direct you to the right builder or designer in case of complicated projects. 
pramoginiu laivu projektavimas, laivo registracija, laivo dokumentacija

Contract plastic moulding

  • UAB Rotoplius provides contract rotomoulding service. 
  • We are able to consult on your product in regards of rotomoulding, from napkin sketch to the final product designs. 
  • Connections with mould makers allow us to curate manufacturing of your plastic moulds. 
  • We can supply products both from virgin and whenever possible, recycled materials (HDPE, MDPE, XLPE, LLDPE, LDPE, LMDPE). Alternatively, nylons, polypropylenes and other polymers are available upon request. 
Rotacinio plastiko liejimo paslauga, rotacinis liejimas, rotomouldingas, rotomoldingas

Eps foaming service

  • EPS foaming service of hollow bodies is available for your parts. 
  • EPS 70 compression class foam is conventionally used for foaming, other grades are available. 
  • We do provide service both for EPS parts manufacturing, as well as foaming of hollow vessels, which provide unsinkability, thermal insulation or sound isolation properties. 
putinimas putoplastu, polistirenu, EPS putinimas, EPS gaminiai, tusciaviduriu kunu talpu putinimas

Vessel anti-corrosion lining / rotolining

  • Rotomoulding technology allows for one unique additional application - rotolining the inside of metal vessel for corrosion protection. 
  • Protection layer mechanically adheres to the internal surface. 
  • Many polymers are available for this application, including polyethylenes, polypropylenes, and fluoropolymers. 
metaliniu talpu vidaus dengimas antikorozine danga, antikoroze danga, rotoliningas